MEETING MINUTES: Clergy and Lay Leadership Development Committee on 4/5/23

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Clergy and Lay Leadership Development

  • Mini training – Cultural Competency and Counteracting Bias
  • How to hold a meeting review
  • Committee Detail

Members Present:

Team: Judy Martin (cell 602-329-9935), Trinity Donovan, Deborah Williams, Jeannie Ward, Joyce Trevolt, John Huie, Susan Bowers, Javier Olivares, David James, Kimulet Winzer, Galene Boyett, Alberta Farnsworth, Carl Peterson, Sylvia Harris, Kari Cozine-Butchko, Dave Kopecky, Michael Edwards, Ken Zebal, Kristin Hansen, Luis Nazario, Erna Snukis, Carol Johnson- UWF rep.

  • Devotion – Carl Peterson – God Treasury of Virtues – What’s happening when nothing seems to be? Psalm 25 & 69. What do we wait for or impatiently for?
  • Presentation from Sylvia Harris – mini training – Cultural Competency and Counteracting Bias – Please see the recording for the 30-minute training. The training also has been uploaded to Basecamp.  If you wish to have a training course at your church, please go to DSCUMC.org > Committees> Religion and Race to request a training. Contact will be made to set up a date.
  • Approval of minutes – no corrections or additions.  Thumbs up for approval.   Minutes passed.
  • New Nominations review and vote – See files (will be loaded before the meeting) in Basecamp in folder Committee Detail – Committee Detail 4-5-23 and 4-5-23 Committee Changes – Persons added to the CLLD committee were all vetted using the new form.  Maritza Velazquez, Marie Garber, Marisol Harriss and Eun Young Ko.  Question:  Were any a manager, supervisor, or leader? All have held leadership positions. 
  • Jonathan Hall resigned to further his schooling. 
  • Vote for all 4 at once? Vote – Yes,   Vote for all 4 being added to CLLD.  Thumbs up. -Yes. 
  • Other changes that do not have votes. If coming off we don’t vote.  If they are coming on as a representative they do not need to be voted on.
    • Duplicate and expiring service updates (file in Basecamp)- All at present time, have been taken care of – done. There will be some coming off soon, so, if you are the rep please check with your committee.
    • Open positions file –There is a list in Basecamp of the open positions.
    • District committee review file – List of members that are on conference committee – red, not on a conference committee – green and Yellow on conference committee as rep from district (still eligible). If you still need people for your committee, please check this file which is in basecamp. During our May meeting we will continue updates and at the June meeting we will make changes for July 1st

Question:  Judy’s top 3 things or hints asking someone to be on a committee

  • 1 – Pray – take time to pray for committee and person
    • 2 – Look at Committee structure as is.  Is it balanced?  What does it need?  
    • 3 – Pray – Gods help – let the person know what the committee expects and what is expected of them
  • Will meetings be virtually or in person?  Yes.
  • Is reimbursement available if there is travel? Yes.
  • The more information we have to give to a candidate for a committee is important.

Discussion on reimbursement of travel:

  • Dscumc.org>Standing Rules Committee2022> conference rules and guidelines.  Conference Sec. 3,pgb – travel more than 50 miles is eligible for reimbursement. 
  • Reimbursement is an option?  Yes!
  • Website update – https://dscumc.org/committee/clergy-lay-leadership-development/
    • Continued request that everyone to review and comment on what’s included and placement  Please check the website and if you have any questions, thoughts reach out to Judy Martin or Christina Dillabough.
  • (Still on hold for April’s meeting) ShelbyArena Database/platform in process & continued training (Shelby Arena document in Basecamp)
    • Everyone logged in?
    • Confirm your committee’s members with ShelbyArena
  • Team Assignment / Committee Review – See file (will be loaded before the meeting) in Basecamp – Team Assignments tab of the Committee Detail 4-5-23 file – assigned to Ken Zebal
    • Review of Liaison responsibilities – Next month please check in with chair.
  • Leadership Development discussion
    • Update from sub-committee – Jeannie Ward – Judy gave a quick update.  Schedule is good for April and May.  Booking for the fall.  Always looking for help 1st & 3rd Fridays 9:00am.
    • Documents for review/comment/approval – please review files on Basecamp – Leadership Development prior to meeting
      • How to Hold a Meeting – Carl Peterson – listen to the recording for full presentation and forms are available on Basecamp.
    • Leadership Presentations
  • Recommend watching Mid-Term State of The UMC Address – please view
  • Next meeting scheduled for May 3rd at 3 pm
  • Closing Prayer – Carl Peterson 
  • Adjourned 4:45pm

CLLD Purpose Statement

The CLLD has two main purposes:

  • Fostering DSC Leadership Practices
  • Developing Annual Conference Nominations
    • Continuously recruit to fill DSC committee openings
    • Discuss nominees within CLLD and committee chair
    • Vote on nominees
    • Present results at annual conference

With active support from the Bishop and cabinet the CLLD team develops a sound leadership culture for DSC clergy and lay leaders by offering a variety of leadership tools and resources.  Additionally, this team facilitates the DSC nominations process, end-to-end, which leads up to presenting nominations at the annual conference. 

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Author: Joyce Trevolt

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