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The Gun Violence Awareness Task Force Monumentum Project

Firearm injuries are the third leading cause of death of youth in the U.S. Recent events such as mass shootings in schools with high victim counts have received extensive media coverage; however, very little attention is paid to single victim incidents. Relatedly,...

Annual Conference Mission Project Giving Opportunities Expanded

By Billie K. Fidlin   Director of Outreach & Justice We are delighted to share that our campus ministries welcome both gift cards in $20.00 increments, to be delivered to the campus ministry, or, you may donate to the Annual Conference funding, which will be...

2020 Mission Project Comes to a Close with Record Donations

By Billie K. Fidlin, Director of Outreach & Justice Last year’s Annual Conference Mission Project was a success during the usual Annual Conference giving period. But the joy carried on! The generosity of our Conference has continued, and as we draw the 2020...

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