2020 Desert Southwest Annual Conference Report

The 36th Desert Southwest Annual Conference session was held on-line on June 12-13, 2020, thanks to the accessibility of Zoom webinars, courageous efforts to learn something new from our laity and clergy, and the excellent support from GNTV staff combined with the...

Annual Conference News

Send your questions about Annual Conference to . Below you’ll find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about this year’s online Annual Conference session. Is it too late to participate in a practice session?...

Annual Conference 2020 – At such a time as this

About AC2020 Live Stream The live stream of Annual Conference, a virtual event using the Zoom webinar format, on June 12-13 will be available at www.dscumc.org/ac. Please use that link to invite your church members to tune in to the public sessions. A call-in to...

Is Zoom safe?

“We take security extremely seriously at Zoom. We are always looking to ensure we are protecting our customers and creating a safe environment for all users. We updated our privacy policy the other day to reassure all customers of this commitment.” Jared Heidt, Zoom Account Executive-VAST

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