March 15, 2021 IMPORTANT UPDATE on COVID-19

While the CDC has issued new recommendations for persons who have been fully vaccinated which relax some restrictions, these guidelines can change with the discovery of new information about COVID-19. For this reason, we must continue to be patient and do our part to protect those among us who are still vulnerable.

Bishop’s E-Lumination 3-10-2021

Bishop’s E-Lumination 3-10-2021

A Vision of Hope for Central United Methodist Church The Desert Southwest Conference and Central UMC are entering into an exciting, strategic partnership to bring about vitality in this local church and in the immediate community it serves. The New Faith and Vital...

Our Journey as The United Methodist Church

During Lent, our attention in our prayers, mediations, and worship, are on Jesus’ journey to the cross, that leads us to reconciliation and an everlasting life with God our creator.

February 2, 2021 IMPORTANT UPDATE on COVID-19

Compassion and humility are very critical to the work of those who are responsible for the vaccination of the general population. The process is not perfected, but like all of us United Methodists, we are going on to perfection to care for others with love and hope for an end to this pandemic.

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