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Whatever your gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, nation or station, all are welcome in God’s house and in our communities. Check out the campus ministry in your area to find out about the latest events and mission opportunities, like group dinners, worship times, yoga together, painting together, habitat for humanity, retreats, mission trips, coffee breaks, or bible study.

2019 N. D. Leaderhship Conference Mission 'Ripple Project'
Successful North District Leadership Conference Mission ‘Ripple Project’

Successful North District Leadership Conference Mission ‘Ripple Project’

The idea for this North District Ripple Project came about through a collaboration between our UNLV Campus Ministry, UNLV School of Social Work, and Clark County Step Up. Judy Tudor, a UNLV instructor who trains social workers about the needs of foster youth, meets regularly with college students who are alumni of the foster care system. She asked them what keeps them motivated to stay in school. Some had seen their friends receive care packages from their families and expressed a desire to receive something thoughtful like that.

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