Worship from home? You can do this!

Using your phone or laptop and a set of headphones with a mic attached, you can record and live stream your sermon. Find out how and watch a demo video of how easy it is.

Is Zoom safe?

“We take security extremely seriously at Zoom. We are always looking to ensure we are protecting our customers and creating a safe environment for all users. We updated our privacy policy the other day to reassure all customers of this commitment.” Jared Heidt, Zoom Account Executive-VAST

New Advertising Grant for Large UMCs

Do you want to promote your online worship services on a billboard? How about in a radio commercial or magazine? A new matching grant, up to $1,000, will aid in securing local media to raise awareness of connecting with your church online. Our expert will help your...

Daily Training on Facebook from UM Communications

As you shift to digital ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic, turn to our Facebook page for guidance. We are posting daily Local Church Learning Sessions through April 2, all developed specifically to support your church during this extraordinary time. Experts will...

Virginia Conference offers a crowdsourced worship resource

The Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts (The Fellowship) has launched a crowdsourced Pandemic Response Worship Resourcing page. https://www.umfellowship.org/pandemic Find great information and resources for worship in this rapidly adapting,...

Five things to do to tell your community where to worship

Times are changing, and churches are finding new ways of doing worship. This is exciting news unless you’re not part of the email list or phone tree that heard about it, and you show up to the church, but no worship service is available. Let your community know...

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