Welcome Message from Bishop Grant

Welcome Message from Bishop Grant

The direct effect that the global pandemic has had on our United Methodist Church is what has brought me to be in relationship with all of you. I will continue to serve both the California-Pacific Conference and the Desert Southwest Conference during this interim period.

Message from the DSC Episcopacy Committee

We give thanks to God for God’s faithfulness, and we give thanks for Bishop’s Bob’s ministry with us. And in joyful anticipation, we will welcome our new bishop on October 1, 2021.

Mask Mandate in Schools

By Meredith Joubert, member, DSC Conference Board of Church & Society On July 27, 2021, Governor Ducey signed legislation that bans mask mandates for Arizona schools. This ban has fueled a debate between the value of individual freedoms over the collective good....

An Important Message from the Bishop Regarding the Boy Scouts of America

The UMC is currently the largest faith community of chartering organizations serving the Boy Scouts of America program, and many of our churches in the DSC have scouting ministries. This letter shares important information as well as guidance and direction for the congregations of the DSC.

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