Creating Online Communities of Faith

By Wendy Swanson, Chair of the DSC Vital Faith Committee There is very little that can be said that is positive about how COVID 19 has affected our communities, but the development of new ministries by our churches is one. Many churches have worked hard and fast to...

Peace with Justice Grant Application

Peace with Justice grants, funded by the annual special offerings from the local church, are available for ministries that work towards change in policies and systemic injustice. If money is holding back the good work of your church, don’t miss this opportunity. Apply...
Jesus held to the vision of the Kin-dom

Jesus held to the vision of the Kin-dom

On the road called Via Dolorosa, the way of suffering, Jesus journeyed over the challenging mountain of Golgotha and through the dark valley of death.  He experienced  isolation from his community (“I do not know him” Luke 22:57), and even with God (“why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46).  Even so, on this road of isolation, Jesus held to the vision of the Kin-dom — a hope, a promise, and a grace for all.

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