Worldwide Virtual Choir Sings Easter Hymn During COVID-19 Pandemic

Worldwide Virtual Choir Sings Easter Hymn During COVID-19 Pandemic

United Methodists from among the denomination’s 11 million members worldwide were invited to submit a video to be included in the project, and hundreds did – all ages, individuals and families, some singing in their pajamas and others dressed in their Easter best.

HIV Caring Ministries

This ministry has the following action strategies:
– To empower those who have been infected by HIV/AIDS with resources they need to fulfill their full potential.
– To support families and caregivers as they seek to help their loved ones
– To engage the local church to be the conduit of God’s grace to those in the community who are impacted by HIV/AIDS.
– To educate our communities on the many facets of HIV prevention and care management.
– To build and leverage relationships within our connection to mobilizing The United Methodist church for legislative advocacy at all governmental levels, both domestically and globally.

Prison Reform

Prison Reform

At the 28th Session of Annual Conference, resolution 21.10 Mass Incarceration and Restorative Justice passed. It was resolved that the Bishop appoint a committee of 5 to 7 people to join in the efforts with other United Methodists and the General Board of Church &...

Praying Our Way Forward

Video devotionals at noon, Aug 14-18, on Facebook.com/dscumc. Bishop Bob and District Superintendents created video devotionals following the Word-of-the-Day schedule. You can share the Facebook video posts or download the videos and use them in some other creative...

Health & Caring

Following Wesley’s commitment to the health of body, mind, and spirit, the Health and Caring Committee of the Desert Southwest Conference has four priorities to promote: healthy eating, active living, mental health, and tobacco-free and drug-free free living for...

Economic Inequality

Economic Inequality Resolution 10.03 Passed in 2015 Annual Conference Session Download Resolution Many people consider the issue of economic inequality to be one of the most important and contentious of our time. In the past three decades, there has been remarkable...

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