When An Ending Was Really Just A New Beginning

By: David McPherson, Director of New and Vital Faith Communities “It’s not about us!” That was the mantra in the sermon from Rev. Tom Kiracofe at the last service for Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Some pews were marked off for social distancing, but there were...

The latest worship data and some reflections

By Paul Nickerson, CEO of Nickerson Coaching I often hear the following comments from church leaders: “When will everyone come back to in-person worship?” “Is our online ministry keeping people at home, rather than in-person services?” Both...
Path 1 Webinars

Path 1 Webinars

If you are discerning to start a new faith community or currently working in a church planting team in your area, Path 1 invites you to join these monthly Zoom webinars. The first webinar starts on Tuesday, April 13.

Don’t Return to Normal! Re-Launch Instead!

COVID 19 has changed the way we do church. Church leaders have had to learn new ways of being together. For many, this has been a gift. New tools for worship, meetings, and how to make giving easier have been discovered, improved upon, and celebrated. There have been...
Vital Faith’s Technology Grants

Vital Faith’s Technology Grants

The pandemic has forced churches to go virtual in new ways. This has been a blessing to many people since churches are not only reaching new people through this method, but have provided a new service to their shut-ins and seasonal friends. Your Vital Faith...

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