Camp & Retreat Ministries: Coping During Covid

Covid-19 has impacted us in many ways and many of them aren’t good. With the cancellations of school years, birthday parties, events and even camps our children and youth are grieving these losses just as adults are experiencing grief around the changes. If you or...

Water for the Reservation – AC 2020 Mission Project

Imagine. For just a moment, walk with me, through more than 27,000* square miles in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. 27,000 square miles of many homes without running water or other infrastructure that many of us simply live with daily as part of our “normal”. A place...

Camp Times are the Best Times!

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Wednesday Devotional at Noon – Rev. Dan Morley

Wednesday Devotional at Noon – Rev. Dan Morley

The past two Wednesdays the Desert Southwest Conference presented inspirational devotions to bring an uplifting spiritual pause during the middle of the week.  This ‘Earth Day,’ North District Superintendent Rev. Dan Morley will present the devotion and bring attention to  ‘Earth Day.’  

“SOMETHING BRAND NEW” That Won’t Make You Sick!

“On March 2 I flew from Las Vegas to Phoenix. High winds had buffeted Las Vegas all weekend. They transformed that hour-long flight into a bone-jarring pothole marathon! Nearly all my off-road adventures have been far smoother! As we landed in Phoenix, I wondered: Was that rough ride a preview of the year we’d just begun?”

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