Church of the Resurrection Leadership Institute 2020

The Church of the Resurrection is bringing the 2020 Leadership Institute to you as an on-line experience, Thursday, September 24, and Friday, September 25, 2020. The keynote speakers will address the extraordinary issues church leaders face in 2020 and beyond. Cost...

Creating Online Communities of Faith

By Wendy Swanson, Chair of the DSC Vital Faith Committee There is very little that can be said that is positive about how COVID 19 has affected our communities, but the development of new ministries by our churches is one. Many churches have worked hard and fast to...

Leveraging Facebook for online church during COVID-19

If you think of your Facebook presence like a house, your Page is your front porch, Facebook Live is you opening the front door, and Facebook Groups is you inviting people into your living room for a conversation. Find out what you can do right now to leverage Facebook tools for online church.

YOU can be UMCOR!

YOU can be UMCOR!

Early Response Teams Early Response Teams bring a caring, Christian presence to the survivors of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires and other natural disasters. Teams assists survivors by: Listening to their Stories Preparing the home for a rebuild Salvaging...
Register for District Training Webinars

Webinar Training for Local Church Leadership

God is a generous God who gifts us with so much. People come to our churches offering the gifts of their time, talent, and treasure to God through the church. They trust us with their faith relying upon us to help them draw near to Christ and help them live Christ-like lives. As church pastors and leaders, God entrusts so much to our care.

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