A Prayer for Peace and Justice 

by Arvilla Jungman, spiritual growth coordinator, United Women in Faith Dear Jesus Come and be with us today. You are God; we are not, money is not, Bombs and guns are not. Yet, here we are, Devastated by war in Ukraine, Stunned and deeply troubled about the deaths of...

Turn! It! Up!

As I reread an article in our North Country Breezes by Allie Lakey back in June 2014 I was reminded of the assemblies I attended in the past. At this year’s Assembly 2022 my experience was exhilarating to see the diversity and inclusion again gathered from those around the country. Singing along with the all women band was great knowing that it was their first time altogether in person. 

Turning It Up Against Gun Violence

t the United Methodist Women’s Assembly, “Make It Happen!” in Louisville, Kentucky in April of 2014, Hillary Clinton spoke; later that morning, Deaconesses and Home Missioners were consecrated. Fast forward to United Women in Faith’s “Turn It Up!” Assembly in Orlando, Florida, in May of 2022, and 26 Deaconesses and Home Missioners were consecrated – this time in a hybrid ceremony. Watching virtually, one felt as if there in person. Maybe virtually is the way to go until the gun violence in the United States is resolved……eradicated…..

Assembly Stories

More than 3,000 gathered in Orlando, Florida, and online for United Women in Faith’s Assembly 2022, held May 20-22 at the Orange County Convention Center. Twenty-four countries and all 50 states were represented at the event with the theme “Turn It Up!” Read more on our blog, and check out the photos of this inspiring event on our Flickr page! Many of our own Desert Southwest Conference women attended. Here are some of their stories.

Money Matters

by June Hanson, treasurer, United Women in Faith Question: Who is the most important one in this great organization now called United Women in Faith? Answer: The Individual Unit Member! You make up the grassroots with your commitment, sisterhood, faith, hope, and love...

Extra Extra Extra

Assembly 2022 takes place May 20-22. You are invited to Tune in to United Women in Faith’s social media channels for news and photos and to uwfaith/org/news/blog for daily news! If you’re attending Assembly, be sure to check your inboxes each morning for your response...

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