Spending Time with God

Spending Time with God

How excited are you to spend time with someone who knows everything about you? Sometimes, not so much. Do I really want to be around my father, who knows I have fallen short of his expectations? Knowing you have not lived up to what you are capable of, and He knows this. We hope we are still loved, knowing what we have done. I don’t know about you, but there were times when I did not want to be around my earthly father because of what I had done, much less my heavenly Father.

Ministry Certification Programs Available

The Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College announced a new IFD Certification in Music Ministry coming in January 2022! This certification is for anyone, paid or volunteer, who serves in a music-related capacity in the local church: church choir, special music, music directors, praise team members, etc. The Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College offers certifications in several ministry-related areas.

When An Ending Was Really Just A New Beginning

By: David McPherson, Director of New and Vital Faith Communities “It’s not about us!” That was the mantra in the sermon from Rev. Tom Kiracofe at the last service for Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Some pews were marked off for social distancing, but there were...

The latest worship data and some reflections

By Paul Nickerson, CEO of Nickerson Coaching I often hear the following comments from church leaders: “When will everyone come back to in-person worship?” “Is our online ministry keeping people at home, rather than in-person services?” Both...

Take a deep breath; Fall is in the air.

By Patricia Pegram, Camp & Retreat Ministries Upcoming Camp Events DSC Family Camp at Mingus Mountain – October 15-17, 2021 Registration closes October 8! REGISTER HERE! Bring your family to camp to enjoy the beautiful fall weather! With program leadership...
Our Lives Are Like Woven Tapestries

Our Lives Are Like Woven Tapestries

Are we really appreciative of the beautiful works of tapestries and rugs we see displayed in museums? Some were originally displayed on the floors of palaces…and, of course, now can be seen on the Antiques Roadshow! They were crafted centuries ago…but, beware, some were copied and created recently then promoted as original works.

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