An idea from DS Dan 

An idea from DS Dan 

There are so many resolutions and goals we make for the start of a new year. These spoken and unspoken resolutions are often around topics like fitness, eliminate that bulge, organize the garage/closet, quit smoking, or get out of debt. I encourage us to put relationships at the top of the list.

On the Road with Dan

In our 2017 season of Annual Church Conferences, Phyllis Murray (our District Lay Leader) and I, have traveled many miles and spent time with many of our churches.  The conversations have been insightful, meaningful, rich, and challenging.

Message from Dan: Living into our Vision 

How do you respond to such an outbreak of violence, hate, and racism as took place in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12? Perhaps it takes some time to think and process before a response?  Yet, there are times an immediate response is needed in order to proactively influence a situation and let those in the path of violence know they are not alone.

Message from Dan

Our United Methodist Church has in its heritage and heart a way of connecting and engaging in ministry together. This engaging connection makes us stronger and effective the more we use it. We are designed to express the passage from Romans 12 about being the body with many parts, each with a function and purpose.

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