New Things Learned — Our Experiment of One District Conference—Three Sites

New Things Learned — Our Experiment of One District Conference—Three Sites

Here is a quick listing of some of the learnings and experiences from our 2018 North District Leadership Conference (February 3). We tried something new – One District Conference in Three Sites (Mohave Valley, Flagstaff, and Las Vegas). Perhaps everyone who braved the experiment should receive an “I survived…” t-shirt! If you have something to add to the list – please send me an email note (). It is a blessing to serve with the dedicated and gifted disciples across our United Methodist connection.

“Hello Neighbor,” says Dan Morley

“Hello Neighbor,” says Dan Morley

The focus of our 2018 Leadership Conference, Saturday, February 3, 2018, is “Neighbor to Neighbor”. We are continuing to expand ways in which we are connecting as neighbors as we answer the question asked of Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?”, Luke 10:29. As we connect neighbor to neighbor, we practice our calling to love like Jesus, act for Justice, and offer hope to our world today. I am impressed with our many workshop offerings. I would like to attend every workshop and glean the insights from each leader….

Creating a Personal Spiritual Pilgrimage

In this North District Leadership Training Conference workshop, Rev. Jessica Goad shows that a pilgrimage is a way of life, an everyday journey we embark upon each and every day. But yet, there can be more to this sacred path and journey of pilgrimage.

Vital Conversations

In an often divided and divisive moment, intentional and respectful conversations on difficult topics remain as important as ever.

Emmaus is it for you? YES

“I was attending Trinity UMC in Las Vegas and found that my new church family was loving and joyful. I wanted that joy in my heart as well, what was their secret?…..I kept hearing about this “walk” and I began wondering if I was healthy enough to go on this walk myself. My new church friend asked if I wanted to go on this, my reply was “OF COURSE,” but I really can’t walk far.”

District Leadership Conference Highlight

Charlene Falkner of Advent UMC of Las Vegas, Nevada offered the following witness at our 2017 District Conference – it is inspiring how the Spirit engages and connects us to do amazing ministry of transformation. . .

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