Evangelism – Reaching New People

Everyone has a story to share about how Jesus has touched their life, but sharing that story with others can be downright scary. Let’s take the fear out of evangelism. Learn more at the North District Leadership Training Conference February 3rd.

Reaching new people

Create an entry point to reach new people that is inviting, interesting and that you can be excited about. Rev Brandon Moll shares what his church did. They realized that they needed to do something to stop the decline and soon closure of their church. They still had 25 actives, so they got to work and created “ports of entry” to which they were excited to invite someone new. First UMC of Webster now has 75 on average in worship.

Reaching new people: Are you waiting for people to come to your church?

It is hardly a lightning-bolt revelation to say that the culture has changed and is changing ever more rapidly. Today, we have a couple of generations of people whose parents and grandparents didn’t go to church and didn’t pass on any religious heritage. How likely do you think it is that these folk are going to just show up at our front door?

Reaching New People

Reaching New People

How might we (the church) need to become NEW in order to reach NEW people? And we expect to keep on doing the looking the same as we did 25, 30, 50 years ago and expect to reach new people?

Reaching New People

Somehow we in the church seemed to equate being a Christian with always being “nice”. Now there is nothing wrong with being pleasant and I am sure most people in your church are wonderful people.

Reaching new people

Lent and Easter are an opportunity to connect with people who may come to our churches only this time of year. Here are some of the “best practices” from churches around the country.

Reaching New People

Reaching New People: “stuff that works”

One of the wonderful blessings of being a Coach, is that I get to hear from churches across the country. I periodically send updates on “stuff that works”; activities that churches have done to connect them with their community.

On Mission with Dan

Steve James, one of our Reaching New People coaches reminds us “when we encourage each other to get out of the castle and connect with people in our community, that is the first step in making disciples.” Steve links us to this 2-minute clip of Pastor Francis Chan. The clip is worth your while to view.

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