An Update on Zion Resurrection Project

Since the last request for volunteers, the work teams have been full. We had a nice increase in area United Methodist members plus many others from the community. Therefore, this phase of cleanup is complete and we will close down this phase of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) project. A mission well-done and greatly appreciated. The anticipated time frame was through July 22, but many hands and hard workers accomplished the task ahead of schedule.

Zion UMC Fire Recovery Volunteers Needed

We are beginning to coordinate debris removal teams at Zion UMC in North Las Vegas.  Volunteers will be needed Monday – Saturday from now through July 21. Approximate hours will start at 7:00 a.m. and continue until the heat reaches 110 degrees, or approximately 2:00 p.m., whichever comes first.  There will be frequent hydration breaks in a shaded area with misters. Worker schedules could be adjusted….

Zion UMC Fire Recovery – North Las Vegas

Response to our friends of Zion United Methodist Church (UMC) in the wake of the fire has been swift and generous. Our churches, UM connections, and the community have responded with great compassion and assistance. The DSC Disaster Response network, under the leadership of Pastor Fred Heggestad, has engaged and was on site securing the Zion sanctuary the very day of the fire. On Wednesday, Bishop Hoshibata was present with Rev Larry Johnson and his leadership team for prayer and support. The Zion restoration project will be ongoing for many, many months. At this stage, there are specific needs.

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