Are you perceiving a call from God to servant leadership in the United Methodist Church?

The following is from The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2012:

¶ 310. Candidacy and Certification for Licensed and Ordained Ministry. The licensed or ordained ministry is recognized by The United Methodist Church as a called-out and set-apart ministry. Therefore, it is appropriate that those persons who present themselves as candidates for licensed or ordained ministry be examined regarding the authenticity of their call by God to set-apart ministry.

A helpful thing for you to do would be to read The Christian as Minister. Then, go to your pastor or any other United Methodist pastor to talk about your call to set-apart ministry. Finally, begin the process to become either a Certified Candidate for Licensed (Local Pastor) or Ordained Ministry.


Process for becoming a Certified Candidate for Licensed (Local Pastor) or Ordained Ministry:

  1. Educational requirements are graduation from an accredited high school or received a certificate of equivalency to a high school diploma.
  2. You need to be a professing member in good standing of your local United Methodist Church or a baptized participant of a recognized United Methodist campus ministry or other United Methodist Ministry setting for at least one year.
  3. Write a letter to your District Superintendent requesting admission to the candidacy process and the assignment of a candidacy mentor.
  4. The District Superintendent will register you with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. You will receive and e-mail invitation to enroll in UMCARES. UMCARES is software that will help track you through your candidacy process.
  5. Write a statement of your call and request a meeting with your pastor-parish relations committee (or equivalent body) to consider your call statement.
  6. Once approved by your pastor-parish relations committee (or equivalent body) you will then meet with a charge conference (or equivalent body) to recommend you to the District Committee on Ordained Ministry. You must be approved by thirds written ballot.
  7. Meet with your District Committee on Ordained Ministry. A three-fourths majority of a written ballot is needed to become certified.
  8. You are now certified for Licensed (Local Pastor) or Ordained Ministry!

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