Preparing to meet with the District Committee on Ministry.

You and your mentor will work to complete all the following steps as you prepare to meet with the District Committee on ministry.

  1. Finish all steps on the UMCARES dual tracks of Candidacy and Psychological Assessment.  Your mentor should contact UMCARES to order your on-line psychological assessment tests. This should be done a few days before you intend to take the on-line tests with your mentor.   Once the on-line tests are taken, you may contact Dr.  Dan Blackwood to arrange for your in-person Psychological Assessment. This process involves a bit of back and forth communication between our conference and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry so give yourself around 4 months to complete it. This information will be passed along to your District Committee on Ministry as well as the conference Board of Ordained Ministry. Most of all, it’s useful to you as a Candidate!
  2. Write a statement of call.
  3. Provide your written responses to the following questions from The Book of Discipline: (¶310.2a)

(i) the most formative experience of your Christian life;
(ii) God’s call for you to enter licensed or ordained ministry and the role of the church in your call;
(iii) your beliefs as a Christian;
(iv) your gifts for ministry;
(v) your present understanding of your call to ministry as elder, deacon, or licensed ministry; and
(vi) your support system

Please fill out and mail the following two documents to the BOOM Registrar at the Desert Southwest Conference office.

  1. Complete the candidacy disclosure form linked here: Download Form
  2. Complete the background and credit check form linked here: Download Form

There might be additional information your DCOM will ask for so contact your chair to ask what else they need.

Your pastor or mentor can tell you which district you are in as a part of the Desert Southwest Conference. See? You’re learning the lingo already! Send an email to the chair of your committee so you can be included on the agenda of their next meeting. Typically, meetings are held twice a year in the spring and fall. Even if you have not finished all the steps for certification you can still meet with your DCOM, so contact the chair to find out when the meetings are.

East District: Rev. Rick Casebolt
West District: Rev. Dan Hurlbert
South District: Rev. Doug Handlong
North District: Rev. Mike Higgs

After the meeting, you’ll either be recommended to do further discernment work or be approved as a Certified Candidate!

If you are asked to continue working on your discernment, here are a few tips.

Listen carefully to what your District Committee tells you. They are the most valuable place for feedback. You can also ask them questions that will help guide your direction before you come back to meet with them again. Then take their feedback or suggestions and share them with your mentor. Be sure to keep your mind open to things that may be difficult to hear, but are perhaps things you had not thought of before.

Your District Committee will inform you of your next steps both in person at your interview and also by letter, make sure you receive a letter from your DCOM after each meeting you have with them.