Welcome! We are excited that you are seeking to minister in the name of Jesus Christ and are considering ordained ministry in our conference.

Sure, writing these papers is a requirement. It’s an assignment from your Board of Ordained Ministry.

But it’s also a gift. This may be the one and only time where your own theology can be defined completely separately from the ways in which you will use them to do your work in the future. This could become the bedrock of all that God will continue to create in your ministry. This may be the thing you reference back to, year after year.

Create your masterpiece.

You may complete the necessary paperwork to apply for Provisional Membership in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference by clicking on the links below.

Fill out each form completely, then submit to Rev. Dee Dee Azhikakath at boom@dscumc.org or by mailed to the Desert Southwest Conference, c/o BOOM, 1550 E Meadowbrook Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85014.
Exception: Medical Form. Click here to download this form. Print it and take with you to your physician’s office visit. Then scan the form and send by email to or mail via USPS.

Before applying, you must be approved by your District Committee on Ordained Ministry in order to have your papers accepted. Please make sure your District Committee notifies the Registrar of their decision.

Please contact the Registrar at  if you have questions.

Due on November 1, 2018

Application for Clergy Relationship to the Annual Conference

After your application has been received, you will be invited by the Registrar to a private Google folder to submit your papers.

Due on November 15, 2018

Submit items 1-2 by mailing them c/o BOOM at Desert Southwest Conference, 1550 E Meadowbrook Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85014.

1. Submit official college/university and seminary transcripts to Rev. Dee Dee Azhikakath, Desert Southwest Conference, 1550 E Meadowbrook Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85014.

2. Background Investigation Consent

Submit items 3-7 by uploading them into your private BOOM Google folder.

3. Candidates for Provisional Membership are required to write papers in areas specified by the 2016 Book of Discipline, paragraph 324.9. Written work should reflect the candidate’s best efforts, keeping in mind that grammar and punctuation will be considered. Should the Board of Ordained Ministry deem written work unsatisfactory, the process will be terminated without an interview and the candidate will not be eligible to reapply until the following year. All answers should be complete. The length of an answer is dependent on each individual response to the question. Recognizing that some questions require more reflection than others, most BOOM members who read your work, look for 2-3 pages per question. All answers should be submitted via this form. EVERY section must be complete: Doctrinal Questions, Sermon, Plan for Teaching. Download the GoogleDrive: Provisional Member Doctrinal Exam Templates. Upload the completed template files into your private BOOM Google Folder by November 15. This constitutes a completed application.

4. Biographical Information
5. Medical Report Form
6. List of References: The Registrar will request and collect references from the list you provide.
7. Field Work Evaluation

After your COMPLETE packet of work has been received, you will be contacted by the Registrar by November 30th, accepting your paperwork and giving you further instructions.

Provisional Member Interviews with the Board of Ordained Ministry will be held January 15-17, 2019. The location is to be determined.

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