Scholarships for Current Clergy

Active clergy in the Desert Southwest Conference are eligible for scholarship assistance for continuing education. Clergy seeking financial aid for continuing education can click the button below to download the application for funds. The Board of Ordained Ministry provides up to $1,000 every quadrennium through our MEF funds. Please request funds at least one month before the event to ensure approval. Payments can be designated to go directly to the institution or group for registration fees, or can be reimbursed to the minster in cases of airfare, etc. Money that is given directly to the minister without receipts for reimbursement is considered taxable income. **

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Funding for Certified Candidates wanting to serve the DSC

The Desert Southwest Annual Conference (DSC) offers a loan-to-grant program to which certified candidates may apply.  Candidates may receive up to $4,000 as a loan. If upon gradation the candidate serves the DSC for three years in appointed full-time ministry, the loan then becomes a grant.  A candidate shall not receive more than $12,000 of support during seminary through this program, and shall not be obligated to serve more than six years to repay the full loan. **

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Don’t forget to look for funding with the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry!

GBHEM has loans and grants for certified candidates pursuing careers in ministry, funding for specialized training, funding for doctorate programs and loan hardship assistance.  As of August 2018, GBHEM has doubled the amount students can borrow. Find out more here!


**To submit your applications, please save your completed PDF document to your computer and then email it to Rev. Dee Dee Azhikakath at   

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