Welcome. We are honored you feel called to carry out your ordained ministry through serving with the Desert Southwest Conference (DSC) of the United Methodist Church. You most likely have already met with other United Methodist ministers in our conference and prayerfully considered this calling. If not, we encourage you to meet with a few of them to make sure that we are a good fit for you theologically and you would be comfortable being part of our covenant. One person you should speak with as you make this decision is the District Superintendent who oversees the area where you currently are in ministry. If you are unsure of who that is, you can find a list here. Once you are ready to make the commitment to transfer your ordination, below are the steps to do so.

Steps Into Full Membership for persons ordained in another denomination and desiring to transfer into the United Methodist Church

Apply for provisional membership

  1. Submit a letter requesting provisional membership to the chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM), with copies to the BOOM registrar and District Superintendent (DS). Your letter should: demonstrate your assurance of Christian Faith and experience, give evidence of your agreement with and willingness to support and maintain UM doctrine, polity and discipline. Please note: BOOM meets in September, January, March and June. To ensure enough time to be placed on the agenda, it is recommended you submit your letter 30 days before the next meeting. Likewise, the Residence in Ministry (RIM) program only allows new candidates to begin in September. If you are interviewed in September, you will need to wait 12 months before you can enter the RIM program. 
  2. Submit to BOOM the following required paperwork with your letter of request:

A. Ordination certificate
B. Statement of call
C. Academic transcripts
D. Criminal background and Credit check
E. Reference forms. One of your additional six references must include a colleague who worked with you and is a member of your current denomination.
F. Certificate of good health and medical form
G. Notarized statement detailing convictions for felony or misdemeanor or written accusation of sexual misconduct or child abuse, and a description of previous ordination process.
H. Arrange to take a psychological exam, coordinated through your DS, BOOM Registrar and Ministerial Assessment Specialist (MAS).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

BOOM, in conjunction with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), will review these statements, forms and educational requirements.  Ordained clergy seeking admission into an annual conference on credentials from another denomination, who have previously withdrawn from membership in the effective relation in an annual conference of the UMC or one of its legal predecessors, shall not be admitted or readmitted without the consent of the annual conference from which they withdrew or its legal successor or the annual conference of which the major portion of their former conference is a part, such consent to be granted upon the recommendation of its BOOM.

  1. Meet with the Desert Southwest BOOM for possible recommendation to the annual conference clergy session for acceptance as a provisional member. (To be recommended, candidates must pass with a 3/4 affirmative vote from BOOM members.)  In that meeting, persons should be prepared to be interviewed about their call and experience. It is highly recommended to have completed/enrolled in the three UMC studies classes (polity, doctrine and history) before interviewing with BOOM, as the interview will include questions around United Methodists beliefs.  Any requirements for full membership will then be clearly stated, including completion of United Methodist studies classes. Orders must be recognized and approved upon by the DSC clergy session of the Annual Conference.
  2. Upon approval, participate in the Residence in Ministry (RIM) program, and complete any requirements of that process.
  3. After completion of RIM, apply for full membership, including meeting with BOOM. This includes submission of all required paperwork listed on the full membership application website including the doctrinal exam and other required paperwork.
  4. Be interviewed by BOOM, and recommended for full membership to the clergy session of the Annual Conference.