DSC Campus Ministries
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Student Communities Fostering Leaders for Today

Whatever your gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, nation or station, all are welcome in God’s house and in our communities. Check out the campus ministry in your area to find out about the latest events and mission opportunities, like group dinners, worship times, yoga together, painting together, habitat for humanity, retreats, mission trips, coffee breaks, or bible study.

Not only do students get access to leadership and service opportunities, they have a safe place to gather and share their concerns.

Campus ministry can often offer other benefits such as parking, free copies, and a church home away from home.

Campus Ministry and your Church

Guest Preacher

Campus ministers are happy to lead worship at your church. Connect with your area ministry to schedule a visit.

Dinner Hosts

Host or provide dinner for campus ministry students. Contact your area ministry to get on the calendar.

Share our Story

Use our videos in your worship service to bring awareness of this vital ministry and how apportionments are at work.

Mission & Ministry

Invite our students on a mission/ministry opportunity or consider fostering a student in need during COVID, holidays, or school breaks.

Foster Connections

Send a list of the year’s graduates to your local campus ministry so that students can be welcomed.

Ministry Sites

Campus Ministry News

DSC Campus Ministry Sunday Resources for Worship

By Rev. Dr. Brooke Isingoma, Chair of the DSC Board of Higher Education and Pastor at St. Matthew United Methodist Church February 21, 2021, is DSC Campus Ministries Sunday! Please use the DSC Campus Ministries Sunday video, highlighting the work of our four campus...

Caring for Campus Ministries

Pray for students Remember students from colleges all over the country who have returned home to their communities (many of my students have come back to Phoenix) Support the cost of ZOOM Order food or other encouraging things to be sent to students apartments Support...

Caring For Campus Ministries During COVID-19

The news is filled with new updates regarding actions related to COVID 19. Three feet, then six feet. Groups of 50 restrictions now down to 10. Messages from federal, state, and municipal sources, and of course even our own bishop. Among those reports have been...

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