Church Forms

The PDFs marked with an asterisk should be completed on a computer and then printed out. Some of the forms below are optional, so please refer to the instructions sent to each church for details. If you have questions about the forms, please contact your District office. Please download the forms instead of opening them in a browser (See “Can’t find your downloads?” and “Mac user?” below for additional tips.)

Local Church Officers Form for 2017 (PDF*)
Pastoral Ministry Self-Evaluation Form (PDF*)
SPRC Pastoral Ministry Evaluation Form (PDF*)
Pastor Appointment Preference Form (PDF*)
SPRC Appointment Preference Form (PDF*)
Plan of Ministry (PDF*)
Pastor Profile Form (PDF*)
2017 Pastor Compensation and Personnel Costs Instructions (PDF Updated: 9/16/16)
2017 Health Insurance Rate Sheet (PDF)
2017 Health Insurance Premiums (PDF)
Clergy Compensation and Personnel Expenses (PDF*)
Sample Housing Allowance Resolution (MSWord – also in the Local Church Treasurer Handbook, below)
2017 Equitable Compensation Recommendations (PDF)
2017 Equitable Compensation Request Form (PDF*)
Fund Balance Report (Annual Audit – PDF*)
Report of the Trustees (PDF*)
Report of the Finance Committee (PDF*)
Report of Pastor (PDF*)
Annual Accessibility Audit for United Methodist Churches (PDF*)
Minutes of the Charge/Church Conference (PDF*)
Lay Servant Annual Report (PDF*)
Appointment to an Extension Ministry (PDF*) (for those appointed to extension ministries)
Retired Clergy Charge Conference Form (PDF*)

Additional forms and information from the General Council on Finance and Administration are available at

For forms from the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry:
(including the Annual Report of the Deacon)

Can't find your downloads?

Try downloading individual forms by right-mouse-clicking on the link for the desired form and then left-click on the “Save target as” or “Save link as” option on the menu that appears. Then select where you want to save on your computer. For additional technical support, contact David Topping, at

Mac User?

Using the default “Preview” program on a Mac to open and fill out a PDF can result in problems. Instead, try the free Adobe Reader program to open and work with the PDFs. For additional technical support, contact David Topping, at

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