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Providing a caring Christian presence in the aftermath of a disaster.

When natural disasters occur, the Desert Southwest Conference Disaster Response Team is ready to respond. Trained and equipped, teams deploy into the affected areas to tarp roofs, muck out flooded homes, and remove debris making homes safe and secure for the survivors.

Our primary mission is “to provide a caring Christian presence in the aftermath of a disaster.” (UMCOR) To accomplish this mission, we receive training in disaster relief and deepen our commitment to serving others in need.

Not all have the capacity to deploy, however, teams need persons who hold them and the survivors in prayer. Others are needed to fund the purchase of supplies used by the team, the maintenance of the response trailer, and the expenses for the deployment. To donate, please follow this link: https://dscumc.org/secure/dsc-early-response-team-ert-donation.

Team leaders must be ERT trained first.

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UMCOR Feminine Hygiene Kit
UMCOR and CWS launch new menstrual hygiene kits

UMCOR and CWS launch new menstrual hygiene kits

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Early Response Team Training – September 2, 2021

Early Response Team Training – September 2, 2021

ERT mission teams respond to natural disasters across the country, bringing Christian presence of hope when a home has been damaged. We remove debris and salvage belongings to create a safe, sa­­­­­­nitary, and secure home. Other times we work in a disaster center helping them make necessary decisions or meeting their special needs. We work with many other religious, government, and secular organizations to mitigate their losses.

ERT Deployment to Louisiana

ERT Deployment to Louisiana

We received a request for ERT assistance in Louisiana around the Lake Charles area devastated by flooding. Our bishop has approved our deployment. The principle work is tarping, debris removal and mucking houses.

To deploy you need a current UMCOR ERT badge (expiration date is printed on the badge). As your current badge is expired according to our records, you will need to complete a recertification class. Polly is planning to offer a refresher class as the team deploys, if that is your need. Also, an online class will be offered at time to be determined.


Rev. Tom Mattick

Rev. Tom Mattick

Conference Disaster Response Coordinator and ERT Trainer

Polly Turner

Polly Turner

ERT Trainer

Billie Fidlin

Billie Fidlin

Director of Justice & Outreach Ministries

Call Tom at 702-806–4009

Call Polly at 480-861–9033

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