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At the 28th Session of Annual Conference, resolution 21.10 Mass Incarceration and Restorative Justice was passed. It was resolved that the Bishop appoint a committee of 5 to 7 people to join in the efforts with other United Methodists and the General Board of Church and Society to end mass incarceration by becoming actively involved throughout our Annual Conference by educating members and becoming involved in ministries and opportunities for:

  • Sentencing Reform
  • Ending Prison Privatization
  • Developing Just Re-Entry Programs
  • Increasing Participation and Opportunities for In-Prison Ministry


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Prison Reform and COVID-19

Prison Reform and COVID-19

PRISONERS AND THE CORONAVIRUS Jails and prisons, with so many people packed into small spaces, have been referred to as “incubators” and “amplifiers” of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. What should be done to protect incarcerated and detained individuals from...


Paul Bullis

Paul Bullis


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Billie Fidlin

Director of Outreach & Justice

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Questioning the Death Penalty Webinar Series (select to see more)

In this season of repentance the Desert Southwest Conference Prison Reform task force is hosting a post-Easter video/Zoom series on “Questioning the Death Penalty” featuring Sister Helen Prejean the author of “Dead Man Walking,” “The Death of Innocents,” and “Where Justice and Mercy Meet.”

Select from the list below to go to YouTube and watch each session.

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Problems with Private Prisons

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An Evening with Khalil

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Prison Reform Talk #1

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Prison Reform Talk #2

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Prison Reform Talk #3

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