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Scouting is a ministry of The United Methodist Church. It puts caring adults and the church in contact with youth in a structured, safe, and vetted program. Our relationship with Scouting predates the forming of The United Methodist. Much has changed since the Feb.12,1920 letter that first established the formal relationship with BSA. Change has arrived again.

Our ministry will be structured differently going forward. The United Methodist / BSA Relationship Committee has set a couple of options:

  1. The Annual Affiliation Agreement – The local council owns the unit.
  2. A Facilities Use Agreement  – The unit has another charter (civic, religious, or council).

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BSA Update

BSA Update

The new agreement between the United Methodist Church and the Boy Scouts of America has been completed! Unfortunately, one of the changes is that churches are no longer permitted to continue as chartering organizations for troops.


Philip Tesarek

Philip Tesarek

Scouting Coordinator

Rev. Matt Ashley

Rev. Matt Ashley

South District Superintendent

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