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The Vital Faith committee serves the purpose of making more disciples by helping build stronger congregations through the assessment of community growth rate/attendance, involvement in learning and worship, community engagement and how much congregations give to their mission. These communities serve to target our Four Areas of Focus, which include developing impactful Christian leaders, creating new places for new people, engaging in ministry with the poor, and helping fight deadly disease that affect areas of poverty.

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Committee Chair

Rev. Rachel Gilmore

Rev. Rachel Gilmore

Director of New & Vital Faith Ministries

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Team Members

Wendy Swanson

Eve Williams

Noni Dye

Joel Arvizu

Joel Bullock

Flor Granillo

Jerald Nuness

Bishop Carlo Rapanut

Matt Kuss 


Congregant Plot User Guide

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Additional resources regarding discipleship and spreading our faith.

DSC Way Forward Resources

Additional information and resources about DSC Way Forward. 

Western Jurisdiction New Church Start Plan

See attached PDF file.

Cooperative Parish Webinar

Watch the recording here

Webinar Recording: What is a Simplified, Accountable Structure (SAS)?

This two-session webinar series with leadership coach Kay Kotan and Rev. Blake Bradford looks at how simplified, accountable leadership structure (often called the “one-board” model) can empower, equip, and set laity and clergy free to focus on the mission of making disciples of Jesus who change the world.

Watch the previously recorded webinar below.

What is a Simplified, Accountable Structure (SAS)?

Participants will discover:

  • What simplified, accountable structure is
  • Why churches should consider this model
  • How accountability plays a significant role in simplification
If the embedded video doesn’t play, visit https://vimeo.com/588409153/31fb218b9b to access the recording.

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About Each Pathway

Pathway 1: Legacy Path

We are discerning that our time as a vital church might be coming to an end, and we want to be faithful with our resources and faithful to the process.

This Path Includes:
  • Book Study
  • Discernment meetings and plan with
  • Mission Insite resources
  • Opportunities for coaching to closure
  • Ongoing prayer, support, and celebration of the church’s faithful witness

Pathway 2: Recapturing the Vision

COVID hurt us; our numbers and giving are down, and our leaders are tired. We have probably lost our vision of who we are and what we are called to do as a church in our context.

This Path Includes:
  • Mission Insite training and reports
  • Reaching New People in New Places Training
  • Book Study- Coming Revolution of Church Economics by Mark DeYmaz
  • Cohort coaching on vision casting and google-brand sprints
  • Additional resources for leadership team including mystery worshipper form
  • Access to grant writing resources, trainings offered in Spanish, and potential cohort coaching with church cartographers or in-house co-hort coaching

Pathway 3: Exploring the Vision

We have a vision to do something new to revitalize our existing church but we don’t know how to do it.

This Path Includes:
  • Reaching New People in New Places training
  • Possible Cohort coaching with Church Cartographers, ACSTechnologies, C2 or in-house coaching
  • Access to grant-writing resources (how to find grants and grant writers to assist in completing grant requests)
  • Opportunities for BIPOC young adult internship program and attending the National Church Planter Gathering with workshop tracks on multiethnic/multicultural ministry, digital ministry, generating external revenue, church planting principles, or network galas
  • Ongoing quarterly webinars on current practices for church growth and visioning

Pathway 4: Expanding the Vision

We have a plan to revitalize our community with a new faith community and have formed a plan but need help implementing it.

This Path Includes:
  • Mission Insite and Mission Possible training on design thinking
  • Co-Creator Event
  • Application to New Faith for funding
  • Access to grant-writing resources (how to find grants and grant writers to assist in completing grant requests)
  • Opportunity to attend the National UM Church Planter Gathering
  • Book Study on Staying Awake: The Gospel for Change-makers by Tyler Sit Invitation to participate in two on-site trainings and monthly and quarterly coaching with Ministry Incubators’ Hatch-athon program
  • Access to webinars on the core competencies of church planting
  • Possible cohort or individual coaching with C2, Church Cartographers, or other specialized groups

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