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The Vital Faith committee serves the purpose of making more disciples by helping build stronger congregations through the assessment of community growth rate/attendance, involvement in learning and worship, community engagement and how much congregations give to their mission. These communities serve to target our Four Areas of Focus, which include developing impactful Christian leaders, creating new places for new people, engaging in ministry with the poor, and helping fight deadly disease that affect areas of poverty.

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Committee Chair

Rev. Rachel Gilmore

Rev. Rachel Gilmore

Director of New & Vital Faith Ministries

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Team Members

Wendy Swanson

Eve Williams

Noni Dye


Joel Arvizu

Joel Bullock

Flor Granillo


Jerald Nuness

Bishop Grant Hagiya

Randy Bowman



Congregant Plot User Guide

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Additional resources regarding discipleship and spreading our faith.

DSC Way Forward Resources

Additional information and resources about DSC Way Forward. 

Western Jurisdiction New Church Start Plan

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