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Prayer requests for and about the members of the clergy covenant and their immediate family are emailed directly to the that group. Retired, active, lay persons assigned, extension ministers, deacons, and clergy on leave are all part of this covenant. Click on the appropriate button below to request prayer for someone in the clergy covenant or to receive email notifications about new prayer requests.
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Hope, Through Red Eyes

By Suanne Ware-Diaz, Kiowa Native American UMC of Southern California As a cradle Methodist, I’d been nourished on scripture from my earliest years with verses and whole chapters committed to memory. Stories of Joseph with His Coat of Many Colors, Daniel in the Lion’s...

Fishbowl Discussion: Economic Inequality & Racism

Recent months have brought renewed attention to the racial inequalities that have long existed in the United States. Discrimination and prejudice are still very much in evidence in contemporary society. At the same time, economic inequality continues to increase to...

Sharing our favorite scriptures

Clergy of the West District share their favorite scripture as part of the Where Love Lives campaign We always keep scripture primary November theme.


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Sing. Sing. Sing.

In this time of COVID, we feel like this pandemic will not end but, of course, it will. How can we get through this time? Some of us have not been to a worship service with our Christian siblings and we may feel like we have lost our family.

Thoughts from Matt – Signs of New Life and Hope

When it rains, it pours.  Last week, my wife Felida was looking on her Facebook page when she saw that her cousins in the Philippines were stranded on the second floor of their home during a terrible flood.  They had small children with them and were using Facebook to call for help.  Nobody could get to them, but thankfully the waters receded by the next day and they were okay. Last week, three separate typhoons hit the Philippines in succession, and so the Manilla area flooded.  This is nothing new, just as hurricanes are nothing new on the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the United States.  In fact, Filipino homes used to be built on stilts so that they could stay above water when the floodwaters came.  They aren’t built that way anymore, so residents know to just keep their heads above water and survive.


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