Prayer Requests

Prayer requests for and about the members of the clergy covenant and their immediate family are emailed directly to the that group. Retired, active, lay persons assigned, extension ministers, deacons, and clergy on leave are all part of this covenant. Click on the appropriate button below to request prayer for someone in the clergy covenant or to receive email notifications about new prayer requests.
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A New Season

God wove the changing of the seasons into the fabric of creation. Day turns into night which turns into day. Spring turns into summer which turns into fall which turns into winter which turns into spring.

A message from the DSC Economic Inequality Task Force

Written by the Chair of the Desert Southwest Conference Economic Inequality Task Force Today a huge roadblock has been removed on the highway to equality and justice for all the people in the USA. All of us in the Church & Society family of The United Methodist...

What’s Lost and What’s Gained

We’ve been in our new house for a month now, and no matter where we look, my wife Felida and I can’t find our silverware. Losing something you need or value is a hazard of moving.   One year when we moved from Sedona to Tucson, the movers packed our printer in the wrong box and we couldn’t find it for six months. And this time it’s the silverware; for three weeks we used plastic forks, knives and spoons at every meal until my wife gave in and bought a cheap set of tableware from the dollar store. If we’re lucky, we’ll find what we’ve lost before we move from this house again. 

A Time of Living Faith Into Reality

It is the eve of the inauguration and the news is filled with words reflecting the fear, anger, and hope that is present in our nation. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are to called to live as people of faith. We are called to live our faith in a way that is experienced in the language we use, the actions we take, the way we treat others.

District Training for Local Church Administrative Committees

In the first months of the year, people who have been elected to local church leadership begin their new ministry roles. The Desert Southwest Conference recognizes the importance of these church leaders and the importance of training them on the disciplinary duties of the local church administrative committees.


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