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2019 Apportionments End Year as Expected

For pretty much the entire year, we have been projecting that 2019 apportionment receipts would be at about the 80% level.   As we ended the year, actual results were in line with those year-long expectations.  For 2019, our churches contributed 79.4% of their...

November Apportionments Decline Modestly

If necessary, further spending reductions will be implemented, but at this time, no additional spending reductions appear to be necessary. As a reminder, the last day for receiving 2019 apportionment contributions is Friday, January 10, 2020. Thank you for your commitment; it provides financial stability for our connectional programs to work.

October Apportionments Again Decline

The current financial decline, as far as we have been able to determine, is based on the financial challenges faced by many of our churches due to the long, gradual decline that the UMC has been experiencing for many years. It has not yet been significantly affected by the turmoil in the denomination based on the human sexuality issue. The impact of that issue on our denomination could certainly accelerate future financial challenges…

When do you pray?

When do you pray?

Early in my adult prayer life, I learned that I had to start my day in prayer with the Lord, that I had to put God first in my day. So I tried. I would get up and reach for my bible only to find that after reading for a few minutes that I would fall back asleep and be...

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