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Legislation to Recover from COVID-19 Pandemic

Bud Clark & Chris Samelson, Economic Inequality Task Force Congress has passed legislation to help fund the battle against the COVID 19 virus.  It includes information on the financial needs of individuals and businesses and other aspects of the recovery process....

Disaster Response Team Acts during COVID-19

In a time of stay-at-home orders, troubling statistics, and vulnerable populations, UMCOR and the conference Disaster Response Committee are deploying resources . UMCOR donated more than 80,000 masks stored at the Sager Brown Depot to first responders in Louisiana....

The Crisis of Homeless Seniors and COVID-19

The Crisis of Homeless Seniors  By Carolyn Blaney-Arndt, Children, & Poverty Task Force DSCUMC During this time of the pandemic, we are doing our best to shelter at home, trying to stop the spread of Covid-19. But what happens if you are a homeless senior in...

Prison Reform and COVID-19

PRISONERS AND THE CORONAVIRUS Paul Bullis, Co-Chair DSC Prison Reform Task Force Jails and prisons, with so many people packed into small spaces, have been referred to as “incubators” and “amplifiers” of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.  What should be done to...

Immigration Task Force Responds to COVID-19

"Immigration Detention and the Spread of COVID-19; A Recipe for Disaster." Ella Rawls, Esq. Chair, DSC Immigration Task Force I would like to highlight something that is happening in our area. I am the staff attorney at Justice For Our Neighbors, a non-profit...

Children & Poverty Responds to COVID-19

A message from Carolyn Blaney Arndt, Chairperson What could be better than sharing our Christian spirit with others during these days of soapy hands and disinfectant? We are United Methodist and we've got this! Below are a variety of activities that will brighten...

Conference Church and Society Responds to COVID-19

A message from Kent Olson, Chairperson What can our churches do in the midst of a public health crisis?  Are there specific ways specific ministries we can embrace that utilize distinctive capabilities of our congregations—ways in which we can serve that others can’t,...

Conference Urban Ministries

A Request for God’s Children

By Billie K. Fidlin March 16

In these times we are facing, we hear of more and more families who are unable to meet the basic needs of their own family. We know that the people of the streets continue to struggle, and be ever so vulnerable.
At some point, the grocery stores will again stock shelves with needed products. But in the meantime, we are hearing of babies who need formula and diapers, urban ministries needing supplies of same, and more. While many of us may be worried about our own needs, none the less, we might feel better if we can help someone else along the way. What can we share, how can we help someone who is particularly vulnerable at this time?
Each of our churches can use their local networks to publish to their surrounding community how they might be able to help. Everything from meals delivered to the elderly, cards of greeting to say hello to someone who is homebound, or those precious rolls of toilet paper if you can spare one or two!
Calls to our urban ministries asking what they need would be wonderful.
  • For the Phoenix area:
    • UMOM can be reached at 602.275.7852. Click here to download a list of donations needed.
    • Justa Center can be reached at 602.254.6524. Click here to download a list of donations needed.
    • Wesley Community Center & Health Clinic at 602.257.4323.
    • Golden Gate Community Center & Health Clinic at 602.233.0017.
  • In Tucson, please contact TMM Family Services at 520.322.9557.
  • In the North District please contact your District Superintendent office at 702.757.3507.

A friendly “How can I help?” is welcomed by all of these ministries. Please note, volunteers have new guidelines, be sure to check with each ministry before showing up.

Your well-being is extremely important as well. Helping others might just help you! Thank you for your giving, servant heart friends, and know that your prayers will be most appreciated of all.

Caring for Campus Ministries during COVID-19

  • Pray for students
  • Remember students from colleges all over the country who have returned home to their communities (many of my students have come back to Phoenix)
  • Support the cost of ZOOM
  • Order food or other encouraging things to be sent to students apartments
  • Support the cost of gardening as a way to get out in a non-interactive way (it is a goal for the few students here to restore the irrigation system and have the garden ready for next semester – something to focus on)
  • Continue to bring food so it can be packaged in “to-go” containers
  • Donate funds to help students with rent or utility bills as some will have their income impacted
  • Reach out to students you know, or, send cards to campus ministries to be distributed to students who are feeling isolated and alone
  • Donate toilet paper, kleenex, hand sanitizer, gift cards, basic food items

As with so many ministries in the Conference, the apportionment rate of the collection has affected the campus ministry budgets. Please remember our campus ministries when thinking about your donations. They do such important Kingdom work, and while as people say the ‘children’ are our future, WE are the present. Please help our campus ministries not only succeed but flourish. Thank you!

Frontera Wesley

University of Arizona


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Valley Wesley

Arizona State University

Oasis Campus Ministry

University of Las Vegas

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