DisAbility Awareness

During the 2018 Desert Southwest Annual Conference session, the body voted to approve a resolution on DisAbility Awareness resolving to fulfill that:

  1. every congregation will observe Disability Awareness Sunday annually on the third Sunday of October, or failing that, on another Sunday that suits the congregation’s schedule; and
  2. a Special Offering will be taken on DisAbility Awareness Sundays to be divided as follows: a tithe of 25 per cent stays at the local Church for their local congregation’s accessibility and inclusive program needs, a tithe of 25 per cent going to the DisAbility Awareness Fund of the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church, with the balance going to the DisAbility Ministries Committee of The United Methodist Church (through Advance # 3021054).

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Mission Moment

For DisAbility Awareness Sunday


For DisAbility Awareness Sunday