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Be a Part of the Conversation

Conferencing is a part of our United Methodist practice initiated by the Rev. John Wesley, founder of Methodism. It is a key element of the design for our connectional ministry. The Conferencing practice continued at the first gathering at St George's Church in...

Zion UMC stoked for renewal

Zion UMC has cleared away the burnt building and cleared a path to something new. As the church researches the community’s needs, they seek to hear from the people and foster new leaders as they discover what’s next in God’s plan.

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District Staff

Rev. Susan Brims

Rev. Susan Brims

District Superintendent-East District

1550 E. Meadowbrook Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85014


Carla Whitmire

Carla Whitmire

Administrative Assistant-East District



Ginny Hildebrand

Ginny Hildebrand

District Lay Leader


Trinity Donovan

Trinity Donovan

Associate Lay Leader