Exodus 18 Leadership Initiative

EMC3 is offering a free 30 day trial of the Exodus 18 Leadership Initiative which gives you access to valuable online resources. Utilizing this trial will show you how to lead the way to having a church that is fully aware of its potential and is effective in its’ ministry.

How can your church increase vitality by touring the Maricopa Re-entry Center (MRC) on May 8th?

By Dean Richardson, Prison Reform Committee Chair for the Desert Southwest Conference Our current Conference vision asks us to be a Courageous Church: loving like Jesus, acting for justice, united in hope. We have multi-faceted opportunities to live these attributes...

One Wild Ride

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you didn’t really know what to do? Maybe a situation at work was a problem, or maybe it was your marriage. Maybe your child started telling lies and you didn’t understand why. Or maybe the situation was something altogether different from that. What do you do when you feel trapped and you struggle with the decisions that you need to make?

Nurture Outreach Witness Model Webinar

Small vital congregations are growing through missional outreach and nurturing people. How does the N.O.W. ministry model work in your congregation? This webinar shares “vitality on the journey” from the lens of helping congregational leaders walk through the steps of making changes to increase missional-focused outreach.

What does good news look like from the perspective of ‘leftover’ people?

Don’t miss the April 28 workshop with Rev. Clayton Childers, of our General Board of Church and Society, who joins us from Washington, D.C. to help you explore how church and society teams in every congregation can help faithfully and effectively bring good news to leftover people.

Conference Disaster Relief Committee sending team of pastors to Puerto Rico

This ‘Pastor Team’ is set to travel on a red-eye flight to Puerto Rico on Monday, April 23 for a nine-day mission. Puerto Rico is looking for additional teams to serve throughout 2018. If anyone would like to join a future disaster relief team to Puerto Rico, contact your pastor or me, the Conference Disaster Relief Coordinator, Fred Heggestad.

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