An Insignificant Life

This has been a challenging few months. The pain and uncertainty in our church is more than words can adequately describe. How do you truly walk into a new future when one foot is tied to something in the past?

Deep Roots, Wild Branches: Re-Missioning the Church from the Outside In

Across the United States and beyond, the God who “makes all things new” is up to something. Amid a Christian landscape that looks and feels like a desert of decline, new oases of the Spirit are springing forth. Inherited congregations, with long histories, deeply rooted in their traditions, are experimenting with cultivating “fresh expressions” of church and experiencing forms of revitalization.

Beginning on February 3rd the Desert Southwest Conference will be Praying Our Way Forward

Prayer is one of the essential ways we connect to God and to one another, and in preparation for General Conference 2019, prayer will be one way we can all participate in this unique and significant event in the life of our church and our connection. Beginning January...

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