We Make the Road by Walking – Week 1

ll of the churches and pastors in East District of the Desert Southwest Conference have been invited to journey together in a new way during the next year. Starting this week, the first week in Advent, we are reading through the devotional book by Brian McLaren, titled We Make the Road by Walking. We are starting with the Advent readings, which begins with chapter 14. We will read one chapter each week, imagining what it is like to have the entire District reading the same thing at the same time. Now that you have the background information, let’s get started.

UMC General Board of Church & Society offers justice-focused curriculum for junior high aged youth.

Junior high is usually around the time of confirmation and a perfect time to walk alongside your students, encouraging them to search deeper within themselves, their relationship with God, and their role within their community and the larger world. For churches that...

Hope UMC Receives “Volunteer of the Year” Award

Pastor Robin Lee and the Good Samaritan ministry team at Hope United Methodist Church, Bullhead City, were recognized as the “Volunteer of the Year” for the  Arizona Housing Coalition’s 25th Annual Statewide Conference on Affordable Housing and Homelessness.

Ripples of Gratitude

In September I was returning from a seminary visit. As I crossed the security gate at the airport I noticed people lining the hallways. As a neared the gate there were more and more people gathering. That’s when I say it. A narrow space allowed a group of veterans, all in wheelchairs, to be escorted off a plane toward baggage claim.

Walk with Me – An Invitation

He stood quietly and walked to the front of the room. As he took his place the chatter that had filled the space grew still. Heads turned. Expectant expressions came across the faces of the people in the room. When he spoke the words were simple, yet they seemed to pierce the heart.

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