Introvert in the Church

A Trinity Heights UMC North District Conference site workshop – We live at a time and in a culture where Extroversion is seen as the ideal. Nowhere is this more true than a church trying to grow. Greeters are selected for their warmth, their natural ability to be outgoing and welcome others in. The worship leader and the pastor are frequently seen as extroverts (though this may not be accurate). This can leave introverts feeling out of step with the church. What gifts do introverts bring, and how can we nurture them?

Meeting your Neighbors next-door and in the community

This North District Leadership Training Conference workshop gives purpose and pointers on meeting others and making relational connections beyond your church friends, basic ways anyone can influence their neighborhood and the wider community, making a network of care and well-being for all. This is evangelism based on relationship building which gives great enjoyment and fulfillment for you and those you meet. A workshop helping us answer the call (Matthew 28) to build relationships person-to-person and with communities within our community — school, library, fitness center, and community center.

Providing Grief Support in Our Communities

On Several occasions, Chaplain Johnson has led her community through seasons of grief — at a high school following a family suicide/murder, many teen and several adult suicides (in one case providing support at the largest area car dealership). This workshop will focus on ways to offer support when we are called to lead the community in times of tragedy.

North District Leadership Conference Mission Project: Time to Ripple

We are going to cause a ripple that reaches at least 50 college students who are alumni of Foster Care. Remember that challenge we were given at Annual Conference last June to create a ripple in our community? Here’s one great way we can start a ripple together as a...

Learning Session with Jon Katov, The Abundant Church Model

Jon Katov is the Founder and CEO of Open Table ( Jon’s mantra is – “A Movement of Us! Relationship Transforms Communities. We can’t restore our communities until we restore our relationships with each other.”

Let’s do the math: mentoring leaders who mentor leaders

I love math. It is constant. 2×2=4 every time! Two leaders who mentor 2 leaders equals 4 leaders. It is just that simple. In this workshop, we will talk about how to mentor leaders who will mentor leaders who will . . . (you can do the math).

Zion UMC Set to Rebuild

Sunday, January 6, Zion United Methodist Church voted to hire a contracting firm and begin construction on the rebuilding of their sanctuary!

Fraud in the Church

From the time they were born, George and I raised our daughters in the church. We wanted to raise them to have hearts open to all people. We struggled though, with how to raise them to seek the best in all people and be safe for we knew there were people who would use their trust to harm them.

A New Worshiping Community Begins

Pastor Tim Hunsinger celebrates a first Sunday (January 6, 2019) in worship for the Northwest campus of Desert Spring United Methodist Church, the beginning of a New Year, the  beginning of a new community in Christ.  Pastor Hunsinger says it well, "I was blessed...

Slowing Down to Enjoy Christmas

Over the years, I have wondered what it would be like to have a personal assistant in my home.  I would ask my personal assistant to straighten my sock drawer, run up to the store for that forgotten item, sort out my email inbox, make sure I don’t forget important birthdays . . .

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

The Spiritual Gifts Assessment helps individuals identify their God-given gifts for living faithfully as Christian disciples day by day and find meaningful ways to use their gifts in connection with others through the community of faith. The process helps people understand the nature of spiritual gifts and ways to enhance the effectiveness of their gifts by linking together with others.

December 7th and 8th Holy Huddles with Bishop Hoshibata

Two Holy Huddles are coming soon on the future of the church. This is a reminder that the next clergy only Holy Huddle for the North District will be held December 7th, and the Clergy/Lay Holy Huddle for the North District will be held December 8th. Both sessions will take place at Trinity UMC in Las Vegas, NV.

December Labyrinth Walk

I know it’s a busy time of year, but that makes it even more important that we take time to center and be present to our soul’s journey. Rev. Terri Hubbard has invited us to be a part of the dedication of Las Vegas’ newest indoor labyrinth.

Hope UMC Receives “Volunteer of the Year” Award

Pastor Robin Lee and the Good Samaritan ministry team at Hope United Methodist Church, Bullhead City, were recognized as the “Volunteer of the Year” for the  Arizona Housing Coalition’s 25th Annual Statewide Conference on Affordable Housing and Homelessness.

Message from Dan: Border Blessings

It is in these in-between places blessings seem to have the greatest lasting impact.  When a Thanksgiving Day is so often celebrated with one’s own common customs and practices, I wonder what blessings might be missed? Staying deep inside the safe and familiar places may cause one’s senses to become dulled or even biased.

The Thanksgiving Table

For many, gathering around the Thanksgiving Table is an annual tradition and time to acknowledge our many blessings. Those blessings are clearly represented in the people at the Thanksgiving Table. For Bonnie and me, most years it is family around the Table. Other years, when miles separate us from family, we gather with friends. Sometimes it is a Thanksgiving Table at the church with many others.

Be Our Guest, Potosi Pines Christmas at Camp

Join us December 1st for the ‘Christmas at Camp’ festivities as we gather to celebrate Potosi Pines Camp’s 60 years of ministry, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a special program at 11:30 a.m. There will be free food, activities, and entertainment. Potosi Pines Camp is a unique space set aside to encourage all who come to experience something sacred. The camp has touched lives in a special way through its 60 years of ministry.

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