Mark’s Musings – Debt

Recently my wife and I had an extremely large credit card come due. I knew that it was going to be big, but it was way bigger than I expected. My policy with credit cards is that we pay them off every month, no matter what. That was true with this bill. What caught my attention was how long it would take to pay off this debt if we just paid the minimum each month. It would have taken over nine years to pay off the card!

Mark’s Musings – Kind and Loving All the Time

I was feeling good that I wrote most of my newsletter on Saturday and that I wouldn’t have to rush on Monday to get it written. I woke up this morning (Monday) and realized that what I had written was no longer the message that needed to be shared. The first that I heard about the Las Vegas shootings came in an e-mail from one of our Superintendents. I hurried to read some news reports to get more information on what happened. I had a feeling of numbness as I looked at all of the information and realized the magnitude of destruction that one person inflicted upon so many people. 

Mark’s Musings – September 26, 2017

A highlight of my year is getting to participate in the Desert Southwest Conference’s ordination services. This happens during our Annual Conferences. From my perspective, it is always an emotional, and amazing evening. Both from my own experience, and eight years on the Board of Ordained Ministry, I know how much effort goes into ordination. In the United Methodist Church, it is a long, and difficult, process. This is a service I try to never miss, and is open to everyone to attend.

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