Expanding Our Story

It is easy for me to emotionally and spiritually respond to situations that connect with my life. I find myself praying often for those involved, staying updated on what is happening, and being willing to help. Have you found this to be the case for you? The question that I have been wondering about, though, is how do we respond to situations that don’t connect with our personal stories? Do we have the capacity to care about, and love, those whose stories are not related to our personal stories? I think that we do!

Help Support The Inn Project

St. Mark’s UMC, Tucson AZ is hosting a special event Sunday afternoon, January 27th, 2019, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson. Noor Alsabahi, a Syrian refugee, will be sharing her story in film and in person.

UMC General Board of Church & Society offers justice-focused curriculum for junior high aged youth.

Junior high is usually around the time of confirmation and a perfect time to walk alongside your students, encouraging them to search deeper within themselves, their relationship with God, and their role within their community and the larger world. For churches that...

Hope UMC Receives “Volunteer of the Year” Award

Pastor Robin Lee and the Good Samaritan ministry team at Hope United Methodist Church, Bullhead City, were recognized as the “Volunteer of the Year” for the  Arizona Housing Coalition’s 25th Annual Statewide Conference on Affordable Housing and Homelessness.

Everyday Heroes

This week I met an “everyday hero”. His name is Daniel, and he is a plumber. When we bought our current house, I knew that our hot water heater was about twenty-one years old. My hope was that it would die while we had the one-year home warranty that came with our home purchase. Of course, that didn’t happen! Our home warranty expired last week, and I didn’t want to pay to renew it. It has been my plan that as soon as the warranty expired that we would buy a new hot water heater. When hot water heaters go out it is possible for there to be some flooding, which I wanted to avoid. It is easy to have a plan, but it’s not always easy to make it happen! I looked on-line to find a plumber, and that is how I found Daniel.

Ramp Project Improves Lives

Servants at Work (SAW), and the volunteers are providing ADA-compliant ramps for indigent individuals at no cost. The basic goal of the SAWs is helping individuals remain in their homes and reconnect with their communities. This endeavor is being led by volunteer Dale...

South District Youth Group

Did you know that the South District has a growing youth group? On Veterans Day, 60 south district youth and their adult chaperones spent time on a high ropes course. Together they learned to support one another, the value of teamwork and some adventure skills!! The...

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