Day of Learning Recap

Folks from across the West District gathered together for the 2019 Day of Learning in Glendale, Yuma, and Cottonwood February 2. We opened our time together considering God’s call for us to be fruitful disciples (John 15:5-8, CEB.) We drew inspiration from three examples of the fruitfulness of our ministry as a conference.

Beginning on February 3rd the Desert Southwest Conference will be Praying Our Way Forward

Prayer is one of the essential ways we connect to God and to one another, and in preparation for General Conference 2019, prayer will be one way we can all participate in this unique and significant event in the life of our church and our connection. Beginning January...

Fraud in the Church

From the time they were born, George and I raised our daughters in the church. We wanted to raise them to have hearts open to all people. We struggled though, with how to raise them to seek the best in all people and be safe for we knew there were people who would use their trust to harm them.

Day of Learning Workshop Leaders

The February 2, 2019 West District Day of Learning offers a keynote by Rev. Rob Rynders titled Creating and Maintaining Communities of Faith for the 21st Century: Learnings from The Orontes Project as well as a variety of workshops. Here is a sampling of three of those workshops.

DAY OF LEARNING- So how do we …?

“We would love to have more young people in our church, but they just won’t come. We don’t know what to do.” I have heard those statements repeated over and over again. Almost every church I’ve served and visited expresses the desire for more young families and young adults to attend recognizing that what worked when we were younger, just doesn’t work well with the millennial generation and younger.

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