General Conference 2020

New date to be determined for 2021

Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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“I ask you, the faithful Christ-followers, to continue to support the work and ministry of your local United Methodist Church. As Christ-followers, you and I are bearers of light – the good news of Jesus Christ. Keep praying without ceasing that God’s grace and Christ’s love will be made known in our ministries.  All of this, we hold in prayer, asking for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us forward with hope.”

Bishop Bob Hoshibata

Desert Southwest Conference 2020 Delegates & News

Rev. Dan Hurlbert

Rev. Dan Hurlbert

First Elect Clergy Delegate

Rev. Anthony Tang

Rev. Anthony Tang

First Reserve Clergy Delegate

Paul Gomez

Paul Gomez

First Elect Lay Delegate

Julie O'Neal

Julie O'Neal

First Reserve Lay Delegate

Latest News

General Conference to move to 2021

Nashville, Tenn.: Subsequent to the announcement by the Executive Committee of the Commission on the General Conference that the 2020 General Conference will be postponed, the full Commission met March 21, 2020 to determine next steps to take in setting a new date....

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General Conference to be Postponed

By Commission on the General Conference Nashville, Tenn.: The Executive Committee of the Commission on the General Conference has been notified by the Minneapolis Convention Center that they are restricting events at the venue through May 10, 2020, following...

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WJ Delegates

Find the complete 2020 Desert Southwest Conference roster of delegates here.

Post 2019 General Conference Video Message by Bishop Bob

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