The DSC is committed to the highest levels of integrity. Our call to “do no harm” is taken very seriously. If you are aware of any criminal incidents, issues, or concerns regarding the churches of the DSC, please consider reporting them to the Conference or the UMC.


Report criminal activities such as financial fraud or sexual abuse in our churches through an anonymous 24-hour hotline. 1-855-FRAUD-HL or The company ID, DSCUMC, is required when you make a report as well as the church’s name or pastor’s name and city or state.

  • Click here to download a hotline poster.
  • Contact to order 4.25″x6″ magnet posters.
  • Click here to submit a report.




Stewardship comes in many forms. Stewardship can be how we care for our church facilities; it can involve giving campaigns and practices. Stewardship can also include making sure our churches and church events are safe places for all people.
Fraud in the Church

Fraud in the Church

From the time they were born, George and I raised our daughters in the church. We wanted to raise them to have hearts open to all people. We struggled though, with how to raise them to seek the best in all people and be safe for we knew there were people who would use their trust to harm them.
Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Courtesy of Church Mutual Insurance Company In the wake of Sunday’s tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas, many of you may be looking for information to help make your facilities safer. At Church Mutual, your safety is our concern as well. We offer a wealth of...

Human Trafficking Awareness

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month. Pastors and laity, let's intercept the traffickers and reverse the momentum. Resources and action items are available for your church for the whole month. Step 1: Download and distribute the bulletin insert...

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