YOU can be UMCOR!

Early Response Teams Early Response Teams bring a caring, Christian presence to the survivors of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires and other natural disasters. Teams assists survivors by: Listening to their Stories Preparing the home for a rebuild Salvaging...

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Webinar Training for Local Church Leadership

God is a generous God who gifts us with so much. People come to our churches offering the gifts of their time, talent, and treasure to God through the church. They trust us with their faith relying upon us to help them draw near to Christ and help them live Christ-like lives. As church pastors and leaders, God entrusts so much to our care.

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UMCOR in Action

Being an ERT is hard work. You get dirty and sweaty. You go into places that are a mess. And it is incredibly meaningful work to see hope restored as survivors feel they can now take the next steps forward. Is God calling you to serve in this way?

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Social Media & Marketing Workshop

Build & implement a strategic storytelling & marketing plan. Explore the planning process, branding ideas, & ways churches can reach individuals & make an impact. Register now to save your spot!

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Legislation Writing Workshop

On July 13, a video resource will be available for local church use about legislation writing. If you have questions about legislation please submit those this week so that they can be addressed in the video resource.

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Creation is in crisis

Do you feel a deep sense of God’s call to care for the environment, recognize the urgency of the environmental crisis, and are ready to take bold action?

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A Time to…

There were police blocking the doors, people weeping on their knees, there were protestors and revelers, there was division. No words can capture what it was like on Tuesday the 26th when the vote came through. On Wednesday the words were added to the Book of...

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Trustees Best Practices
Presentation Handout

Click here to download the presentation handout for Kay Kotan Simplified Structure Sessions

General Information

Click here to download a two-page handout with general information about the simplified structure

Simplified Accountable Structure

Unleash Your Congregation’s Leadership Potential workbook. Click here to download the workbook which includes excellent detail about different possible structures and how to organize the meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions
Step by Step
Nominations Samples

Click here to download Nominations Samples

Sample Agenda

Click here to download Sample Agenda




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