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Adapted from the Book of Discipline

The Desert Southwest Conference Lay Leader is the elected leader of the Conference laity and is responsible for fostering awareness of the role of the laity within the church and beyond while working to achieve the mission of the Church. The Lay Leader also has general responsibility in:

  1. developing the advocacy role for laity in the life of the Church;
  2. increasing the participation of laity in the sessions and structure of the annual conference;
  3. encouraging laypersons in the general ministry of the Church.
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God Moments

I had a “God Moment” during the church service a few Sundays ago. That isn’t unusual, God moments are supposed to happen during the service. The pastor and the worship team work hard to create openings for “God Moments” to occur. A God Moment is that personal...

Hard Choices

By Alberta Farnsworth, Conference Lay Leader I remember very sanctimoniously saying, “I would never, ever have an abortion. Maybe it is OK for someone else, but not me.” I never did have an abortion. I never got pregnant by being raped. I never had an ectopic...

Who’s Next? It Could Be You or Me

By Alberta Farnsworth, Desert Southwest Conference Lay Leader As a Mom and a Grandma, I found myself wanting to see everyone in my family this week. Just see for myself that they were safe. I have 5 grandchildren, all of whom attend public schools. The schools they...

Alberta Farnsworth

Alberta Farnsworth

Conference Lay Leader