Leadership Development

Begin your journey with prayer. God calls everyone into ministry. Talk to your church pastor for help on discovering God’s plan for you. Or if you’re not ready for that conversation yet, check out www.explorecalling.org and explore how to listen for God’s voice, discern what you’ve heard, and respond faithfully.

Starting a new community of faith in the Desert Southwest Conference?

  1. Talk to your local church pastor.
  2. Grants and loan information is available at www.umc.org.

If your journey includes ordination

  1. Check out the Board of Ordained Ministry.
  2. Scholarship information from the UMC are available at www.umc.org/resources/scholarships.

If you’re already a pastor

 or to talk about:

  • Transferring membership to the Desert Southwest Conference from another Conference or denomination.
  • Requesting a new appointment during retirement in the Desert Southwest Conference.

Are retreats more your style?

  • Find a spiritual formation event near you, visit www.academy.upperroom.org.
  • Volunteer at a retreat or camping experience, .

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