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 The purpose of both New & Vital Faith Communities teams is to collaborate with church leaders through prayer, sharing of ideas and identifying resources that help faith communities make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world. We believe we make disciples by being a courageous Church; loving like Jesus, acting for justice, united in hope.

Easter! Oh God . . .

Easter is a very busy time in our lives, especially for church staff. With Easter comes the Easter Lily orders, the services of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Sunrise, and of course crowded worship at the regular service times (hopefully).

But Easter also brings something else. . . It brings someone else. . . Guests! People who are on a journey, just like us. People whom God has placed on their hearts, a need to be in community, just like us. And many act on that need at Easter. These Guests are gifts from God! . . . So I ask myself, “Do I treat them as such?”

This month is a good time to evaluate your church’s hospitality process. Professionals tell us that people will decide within the first 8 minutes whether they plan to return. What will people experience at your church within their first 8 minutes?

  • Will they find the church property looking as if someone cares about it?
  • Will it be clear to them where to park?
  • Will they find a greeter in the parking lot who truly wants to welcome all persons?
  • Is the entrance to the worship space easily recognizable?
  • Are there hosts beyond the greeters at the door who are prepared to help Guests find whatever they need; the nursery, Sunday school classes, restrooms, “coffee” fellowship?
  • Do people joyfully make room for Guests?

And that’s just the first 8 minutes! What will hospitality look like for the rest of their visit?

If you want to collaborate with someone on hospitality ideas, Patsy and I would love to join you. Just let us know at and .

Easter! Oh God, thank you for these gifts who have chosen to include us on their journey! May we welcome them as the precious gifts they are!



Wendy Swanson

Vital Faith Chair

Rev. Tony Dawson

New Faith Chair

602.266.6956 x 205

1550 E Meadowbrook Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona 85014


Rev. David McPherson

New & Vital Faith Director

Patsy Soto

New & Vital Faith Administrative Assistant

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