Church Assessment

Has the church you serve plateaued or is declining and you’ve tried everything, but don’t know what to do next? Do you feel the church is stuck and you’re not sure which road to take? Or is the church doing well, but you’d like to get some feedback on possible next-steps for the church? Then the assessment tool can help.

A team of people representing the Vital Faith Communities Team would partner with the pastor and lay leaders of a church to provide feedback to the church around important ministry issues. The assessment team would form interviewing teams, two people, who would interview members, one at a time or couples together. From the documents provided by the church and the responses from the interviews, a report will be given to the church leaders. It will have three or four recommendations as well as possible resources from the District, Conference and General Church.

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Contact your district superintendent or the office of New & Vital Faith Communities with questions or to set up an assessment.

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