New People New Places Grant by New and Vital Faith Communities

“God is calling us to be . . . A Courageous Church: loving like Jesus, acting for justice, united in hope!”

The Conference’s New and Vital Faith Communities Teams would like to partner with churches who are called to courageously reach out beyond the church walls to their neighbors and community.  If your church has an innovative idea for reaching new people, but lack the funds to implement it, then this grant may be for you. The grant funds come out of the New Faith Endowment Fund, which is not only for new church starts but is also to help existing churches reach new people.

You must submit a short application (see link below).  Once the application is received, it will be reviewed by your district superintendent and members of the grant team as soon as possible. If the application is approved, then it will be passed on to the Vital Faith Communities Team for final approval. You might be contacted by the Team for additional information.

For additional information, questions or to submit your completed form, then please contact the Director of New & Vital Faith Communities, Dave McPherson at Dmcpherson@dscumc.org or his assistant, Lori Davalos at ldavalos@dscumc.org.  You can also call 602 266 6956 ext. 261.

New People New Places Grant Form