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Dayspring UMC Syrian Sweets

Late on a mid-June evening, the Dayspring United Methodist Church Refugee Focus team waited excitedly at the airport to welcome the Al Naeem family to Arizona. After their long journey that began in Syria years before, Ali and Maisoun, along with their children Ihsan (4), Naseem (13), Mohammad (16) and Waseem (18) walked off the plane looking exhausted and nervous, but happy to be done traveling.

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Keeping on Mission with Dan

This is not something new, but it sure seems to be increasingly at the forefront of our relationships and discourse — the polarized, partisan, protagonist approaches to issues and people. We are a people quick to designate right and wrong, stand firm on decided issue positions, and convince others of our rightness.

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Reaching New People – Let them catch you praying

Almost every church is serving a community experiencing some kind of transition. Sometimes it is a changing economic base. Other times, the community is changing ethnically. Or perhaps people just seem to be moving away never to return. But as long as people live nearby, prayer and presence open us up to the possibilities only God can make happen.

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2017 Summer Camps

Our 2017 summer camps are in the process of growing to be amazing experiences for spiritual growth and leadership development for children, youth, and adults! This coming year, we have a great variety of summer camp options being hosted at Mingus Mountain Methodist Camp and Retreat Center (outside of Prescott, AZ) and Potosi Pines Methodist Camp (outside of Las Vegas, NV).

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To Contact South District…

I am delighted to announce the the South District cell, 520.325.2775, is working.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. To contact the South District office, you can call or text 520.325.2775, call 602-798-8239, or email Grace and...

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