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2019 Annual Conference Offerings

Churches are asked to open the opportunity to their entire congregations as soon as possible so that we can include our entire United Methodist family in making an enormous impact. The four offerings are: homeless youth and young people; our church in Huachuca City and the devastating fire that occurred there; our response to those legally seeking asylum in our country; and United States disaster response efforts through ERT & UMCOR.

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Mark’s Musings – The Cross: A Sign of Hope

The hope that rose with Christ, is the hope that we claim as Christians. The cross might be a symbol of this hope, but it’s through our thoughts, words, and actions we get to be a witness for this hope. God provides the opportunities, and we get to decide if we are going to respond.

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Fully Rely on God

The cheers of Palm Sunday will soon turn into the jeers of Good Friday and once again we have entered Holy Week. In this week, we re-hear, re-live and re-experience the passion story of Jesus Christ. We begin with the excitement and celebration of Palm Sunday where we celebrate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

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Appointment Announcements April 15

The Rev. Nancy Cushman, Missional Strategist and Superintendent of the West District, announced that Bishop Robert T. Hoshibata intends to appoint the Rev. David Harriss as the pastor of Gila Mountain United Methodist Church in Yuma, AZ, effective July 1, 2019. Rev....

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Love is in the lead

“Today, it took dozens of people to work together under her leadership to intercept injustice, heartless cruelty, and the illusion of crisis. It took pastors, and bus drivers, and police officers, and No More Deaths volunteers, and church members, and Greyhound employees, and students to fight with everything they had and work together for love to win out today. And it did.”

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