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AFN invitation to annual meeting

Dear Pastors, Clergy and Laity: We are grateful for the support of the Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist church over the years for Arizona Faith Network (formerly Arizona Ecumenical Council). Please join us on Tuesday, May 1 as we cast the vision for...

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Exodus 18 Leadership Initiative

EMC3 is offering a free 30 day trial of the Exodus 18 Leadership Initiative which gives you access to valuable online resources. Utilizing this trial will show you how to lead the way to having a church that is fully aware of its potential and is effective in its’ ministry.

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ERT Pastor Mission to Puerto Rico

Seven pastors, a seminary student and a certified lay minister from the Desert Southwest Conference have been preparing to serve on a Disaster Relief Early Response Team (ERT), in cooperation with UMCOR efforts.  This ‘Pastor Team’ is set to travel on a red-eye flight...

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One Wild Ride

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you didn’t really know what to do? Maybe a situation at work was a problem, or maybe it was your marriage. Maybe your child started telling lies and you didn’t understand why. Or maybe the situation was something altogether different from that. What do you do when you feel trapped and you struggle with the decisions that you need to make?

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Take Advantage of Today

It is easy to convince ourselves that we will always have time to get together, but that is not true. We need to take advantage of the time that we have right now. Is there someone that we need to call or visit? Is there something that we have always dreamed of doing? Is there an apology that we need to make? Is there someone that we need to let know that we love them? This is the day that we have. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

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