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Prayer Request November 15

Prayer requests are emailed to those in the clergy covenant. Retired, active, lay persons assigned, extension ministers, deacons, and clergy on leave are all part of this covenant. Read this week’s prayer requests and join them in prayer.

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“There’s Room on the Roof for You”

Remember that old gospel song, “There’s Room on the Roof for You?” Well, maybe that wasn’t the wording, but the message is correct.
YOU AND YOUR CONGREGATION are invited to join the Mighty Methodist Coalition as we plan for our 2018 Habitat for Humanity build. The Coalition comprises some 20+ congregations who fund and share construction days to build a home for a qualifying family.

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Mark’s Musings – Random Acts of Kindness

I like it when I hear an emphasis on “random acts of kindness” in our communities.  In my head I tend to change it to “random acts of love”. I try to practice this approach when I see opportunities come up. I’m not sure, though, that I’m always observant enough to recognize the opportunities when they happen. I’m still looking for opportunities, but my major approach is what I call “planned acts of love”. For short I’m calling this P.A.L. (yeah, I know that there is also an “o”, but “P.A.O.L.” doesn’t work as well). This is where I intentionally look for, and plan, ways of loving other people.

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 2018 Leadership Development Events

As we did in 2017, we are offering two separate leadership events. The first is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, January 13, 2018. This Administrative Training will include workshops for new and continuing local church committee/commission members. Individual sessions will be held concurrently for Finance, Trustees, and Staff/Parish Relations. The training will be from 9:30 – 11:30 AM at Dove of the Desert UMC in Glendale. Registration is required.

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