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Prayer Request September 20

Prayer requests are emailed to those in the clergy covenant. Retired, active, lay persons assigned, extension ministers, deacons, and clergy on leave are all part of this covenant. Read this week’s prayer requests and join them in prayer.

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Open for Worship Workshop

One Community, the LGBTQ Friendly Business Directory of Phoenix, will lead a presentation Sunday, October 29, 12:15 – 2:15 PM at Paradise Valley UMC, 4455 E. Lincoln Dr. Paradise Valley, in the Fellowship Center. They will discuss how being inclusive is great economics for our community and our churches. They will also introduce the Unity Pledge business may take to stand with One Community.  

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What Makes You Smile

Settling into a new place can take some time, and sometimes learning a new routine. Like when the recycling comes. One day I noticed the following on our recycling can.

Sometimes, we receive a “smile” in the most unlikely and unexpected places!

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Mark’s Musings – Knowing One Another

My Sundays are now way different than they have been for the past almost three decades. As a pastor of a specific church, I had the blessing of really getting to know the people in my church. Every Sunday I had the opportunity to worship with the same church family. People knew me by name, and I knew their name. I was very familiar with the challenges of ministry in my church setting. Over a twenty-nine year span I have served ten churches (this includes a two-point charge, and a three-point charge) in three different states (Texas, Alaska, and Arizona). In most of my churches Sundays included leading worship services—and preaching—in multiple services. I don’t know the specific number of sermons that I have preached, but the number is in the thousands.

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How can you help?

“We heard testimonies of broken people who are already feeding hundreds in their communities. At times, it was honest and raw. At times it was healing and almost hopeful,” said Florida area Bishop Kenneth H. Carter Jr., who toured the state after Hurricane Irma.

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