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Mark’s Musings – Love and Kindness

After a month and a half, we finally have our Sierra Vista house ready to go onto the market. This house was my home for 4 ½ years. As I walked through the house last week, it struck me that this is no longer my home. It has reverted to being just a house.  

What brought on this change? The biggest factor is that my wife was not there. She was at our new home in Sahuarita. We also no longer have any of our possessions in Sierra Vista except for my 1968 Mustang (we are working on the details to get it moved). The possessions that mean the most to me, and help to make a house into my home, are the ones that connect me with memories of people that I love. 

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What Can We Learn in a Day

The information you hear, receive, and take away with you, can and will be a useful tool within your local church family. As laity, we are challenged every day with situations that need prayer and reconciling. Why not take the opportunity to be together, learn together and learn from each other?

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Walking the Las Vegas Prayer Labyrinths in 2018

Walking a labyrinth as a model for prayer has been used by Christians for centuries.  Labyrinths are found in cathedrals, churches, parks, hospitals and many others locations around the globe. Las Vegas has several outdoor locations from Red Rock Canyon to Boulder City and even including our own Potosi Pines Camp.

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Prayer Request on January 16

Prayer requests are emailed to those in the clergy covenant. Retired, active, lay persons assigned, extension ministers, deacons, and clergy on leave are all part of this covenant. Read this week’s prayer requests and join them in prayer.

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