2019 General Conference

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Post General Conference Video Message by Bishop Bob

A Time to…

There were police blocking the doors, people weeping on their knees, there were protestors and revelers, there was division. No words can capture what it was like on Tuesday the 26th when the vote came through. On Wednesday the words were added to the Book of...

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What does this mean for my church?

By Rev. Ann Lyter, pastor of Scottsdale UMC I was asked, “what does [the passage of the Traditional Plan] mean for Scottsdale UMC?” The short answer is, as a practical matter very little. I imagine that will be true for other congregations as well. Rev. Ann Lyter Last...

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General Conference Day One

Today was the first official day at General Conference. Besides the usual process related motions that had to be considered and were eventually adopted, the business of General Conference commenced.

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General Conference Preparation

I have been mentally and spiritually preparing for the Special Session of the General Conference for nearly 3 years now. Since General Conference met in Portland, Oregon, your Council of Bishops has been working with the Commission on a Way Forward with hopes and dreams that through the work of the Commission, the Council, and the Special Session, God would guide the planting of the future of The United Methodist Church.

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The Gathering March 28th: A Clergy Day Apart

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Live Stream

2019 General Conference

Live Stream

2019 General Conference

Judicial Council Ruling 1366

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Perspectives on A Way Forward

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2019 Special Session of the General Conference Schedule

Praying Our Way Forward

A prayer community for The United Methodist Church in response to the Council of Bishop’s initiative.

General Commission on Religion & Race

Video series for vital conversations on race, culture, the church, and human sexuality.

UMC Discipleship

Helping congregations have courageous conversations about The Way Forward.


The Way Forward Plans

A Side-by-Side Comparison

One Church Plan

Allows United Methodists to make their own decision regarding ministry with or by LGBTQ persons and removes restrictive language from the Book of Discipline.1) Conferences, churches, and pastors are able to “uniquely reach their missional context in relation to human sexuality without changing the connectional nature of The United Methodist Church.”2) United Methodists in central conferences in Africa, Asia, and Europe retain the authority to adapt the Book of Discipline and continue to include their traditional language and values.3) Protects the rights of United Methodists whose theological convictions will not allow them to perform same-sex weddings or ordain LGBTQ people.

Traditionalist Model

Affirms the current language about homosexuality in the Book of Discipline and seeks to strengthen enforcement for violations of church law.

1) No change to the Book of Discipline language regarding homosexuality.

2) Violations of church law

3) Ordinands must state their sexual preference

4) Practicing LGBTQi persons are not eligible for ordination

Connectional-Conference Plan

Creates three connectional worldwide conferences based on theology or perspective, each having clearly defined values (accountability, contextualization, and justice) replacing the five existing U.S. jurisdictions.

1) Adaptations to the Book of Discipline would be allowed by each connectional conference.

2) Annual conferences would determine their affiliation with a connectional conference.

3) Local churches who choose a branch other than the one chosen by their annual conference could vote to join another conference.

4) Requires multiple amendments to the denomination’s constitution.

Video Resources about The Way Forward

Our Delegates

Rev. Dan Hurlbert

Rev. Dan Hurlbert

First Elect Clergy Delegate

Jim Nibbelink

Jim Nibbelink

First Elect Lay Delegate

Rev. Anthony Tang

Rev. Anthony Tang

First Reserve Clergy Delegate

Billie Fidlin

Billie Fidlin

First Reserve Lay Delegate

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