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About Safe Sanctuaries

The DSC is committed to the highest levels of integrity. Our call to “do no harm” is taken very seriously. If you are aware of any criminal incidents, issues, or concerns regarding the churches of the DSC, please consider reporting them to the Conference or the UMC. Click here to download a copy of the 2019 Safe Sanctuaries policy and click here to download the Full Inclusivity policy statement for Camp and Retreat Ministries of the Desert Southwest Conference.

About Safe Gathering Training

Safe Gatherings includes online abuse prevention training, background checks, and paperless reference checks for people who volunteer or work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults. The background check and training are good for three years because Safe Gatherings continues monitoring the individual’s clearance. Individual training is $45, and registration is available at https://safegatherings.com/app/registration.

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What is Safe Gatherings?

What is Safe Gatherings?

By Cat Holbert, Executive Director of Camp & Retreat Ministries Safe Gatherings began in 2012 as a project to assist the Kansas East UMC Conference (now part of the Great Plains UMC Conference). Fueled by a passion for protecting vulnerable populations, Safe...

Is Zoom safe?

Is Zoom safe?

“We take security extremely seriously at Zoom. We are always looking to ensure we are protecting our customers and creating a safe environment for all users. We updated our privacy policy the other day to reassure all customers of this commitment.” Jared Heidt, Zoom Account Executive-VAST

Safe Gatherings

Safe Gatherings

Life-changing children and youth ministry begins by equipping those who serve for success by ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all participants. Find the updated Safe Sanctuary policy and take advantage of Safe Gatherings in your ministry settings today!

Ledger of Financial Records
Fraud in the Church

Fraud in the Church

From the time they were born, George and I raised our daughters in the church. We wanted to raise them to have hearts open to all people. We struggled though, with how to raise them to seek the best in all people and be safe for we knew there were people who would use their trust to harm them.


DSC Fraud Hotline

Report criminal activities such as financial fraud or sexual abuse in our churches through an anonymous 24-hour hotline. 1-855-FRAUD-HL or www.FRAUDHL.com/submit-a-report. The company ID, DSCUMC, is required when you make a report as well as the church’s name or pastor’s name and city or state.

Human Trafficking Awareness

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month. Pastors and laity, let’s intercept the traffickers and reverse the momentum. Resources and action items are available for your church for the whole month of January.

  • Click here to download and distribute this two-sided bulletin insert.
  • Share the information on Social Media and other networks.
  • Respond in at least one way available through the resources on the insert.

If you suspect human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.

Read the Resolutions on Safe Sanctuaries

WHEREAS Christians and United Methodists, we are concerned for the care and well being of the children and youth in our care. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Annual Conference approve guidelines for Safe Sanctuaries for all Conference events. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that every church in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference approve guidelines for Safe Sanctuaries in the local church. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Desert Southwest Annual Conference guideline approved by Covenant Council, 3-8-08, be used as a model. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that every church in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference shall have a Safe Sanctuaries policy in place by June 1, 2009.”

Sample Safe Sanctuary Policies